About Company

Main advantages of Cargo-Vladivostok Ltd Cargo Terminal are

- New container terminal (with total space of 5.425,8 m2) was built as an around-the-clock facility of complete treatment cycle, which enables the processing of at least 50 000 tons of cargo annually. The terminal area can be extended to increase the volume of cargo handling without stopping the operation

- Qualified staff and modern equipment will handle cargo in the shortest possible time in accordance with international standards, which are not offered by any other company in Russia’s Far East.

- Cargo terminal is fully heated and equipped with all the necessary technological, technical, special and office spaces for processing of standard, general and special cargo (inbound, outbound and transit).

- There is Temporary Storgage Warehouse on the territory of Cargo Terminal.

- Flexible pricing and competent management allow us to always find the best solutions for our potential customers.

- The terminal is located in the new airport complex in close proximity to airport apron. This strategic location significantly reduces processing and transportation time.