Cargo Delivery

Cargo-Vladivostok, Ltd. invites you to take advantage of "Auto Trucking of Shipments" at the following rates:

Traffic Route Measurement Minimal Cost (RUB)
1 Cargo Terminal (airport) – Artyom Trip 600,00
2 Cargo Terminal (airport) - Vladivostok Trip 1 800,00
3 Cargo Terminal (airport) - Muravyinaya Bay Trip 1 400,00
4 Cargo Terminal (airport) - Ussuriysk Trip 3 000,00

The cost of truck delivery of 1 (one) kg of cargo to/from the client ("door-to-door") is RUB 3.00.

Terms of Applying Tarriffs:

  1. Truck delivery of cargo is carried out daily after 3:00 PM;
  2. Truck delivery of cargo in Ussuriisk is carried out weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays;
  3. Calculation of the cost of a truck delivery is carried out based on a paid weight, which is determined by the greatest of the values of the weight-gross and volumetric weight and rounded up to the next higher figure;
  4. Bulk weight is calculated according to the formula Gv = V(m³) * 167;
  5. When calculating the cost of the consignment delivery by a truck, where the weight of one place exceeds 50 kg, raising tariff rate is applied - 2 (tarriff for 1 kg of paid weight of general cargo multiplied by 2);
  6. When calculating the cost of car shipping special cargo (computer equipment, mobile communications equipment, as well as components of materials and accessories, TV, Video, Audio and equipment, radio-electronic devices, etc.) is applied raising the tariff rate - 2 (rate per 1 kg of paid weight of general cargo * 2)
  7. Loading and unloading operations are carried out by employees of Cargo Terminal of Cargo-Vladivostok. The cost of these services is included in the rate for terminal handling of cargo in Cargo Terminal of Cargo-Vladivostok, Ltd. and paid by the client on cargo delivery/transfer;
  8. All prices include 18% VAT;
  9. In case the customer receives more than one air waybill, delivery is calculated from the total weight values;
  10. The cost of lifting of shipment to one floor (including VAT 18%):

Weight of one place (kg) Tarriff (RUB/kg) *
elevator available absence of elevator, per one floor
˂ 50 4,00 4,00
50>** 4,00 5,00

* Calculation of cost of lifting is made, starting from the second floor.

** Possibility of implementation is stipulated separately.