Sending Cargo by Korean Air 15.03.2016 02:25

Dear Shippers!

We are glad to inform you that from 15 March 2016 we can ship any cargo to any destination of the world by Korean Air Airlines! 

For more information please call: + 7 (423) 222-63-22

Mode of Work of Cargo-Vladivostok Terminal during New Year Holidays 29.12.2015 04:58

Cargo Vladivostok wishes all shippers, consignees and our partners a Happy New Year and informs of a new mode of operations during holidays season.

On 31 December 2015 Cargo Terminal will close at 7:00 PM.

On 1 January 2016 Cargo Terminal will start its operations at 8:00 AM.

From 2 January 2016 Cargo Terminal will resume its ordinary mode of work.

Winter Flight Schedule 22.10.2015 02:26

New flight schedule will come into effect on 25 October 2015.

Cargo-Vladivostok to Service U1700/1701, SU1702/1703 Aeroflot-Russian Airlines Flights from 1 January 2015 06.10.2015 02:36

Starting 1 January Cargo-Vladivostok will start servicing Aeroflot-Russian Airlines flights: SU1700/1701, SU1702/1703.

Change of Address of Cargo-Vladivostok 24.08.2015 06:38

Limited Liability Company Cargo-Vladivostok (abbreviated name: Cargo-Vladivostok, LLC, Primary State Registration Number: 1102502001788, Taxpayer Identification Number: 2502041597), a legal entity organized and existing under the laws of Russian Federation, informs you of the following:

due to name change of Portovaya Street in Artyom of Primorsky Region for Vladimir Saibel Street (based upon Decree of Administration of Artyomovsky City District #2126-pa dated 05 August 2015 "On Renaming of Portovaya Street in Artyom for Vladimir Saibel Street"), the street address of Company should be: 47 Vladimir Saibel Street, Artyom 692760, Primorsky Region.

Changes in Rates 09.07.2015 22:09

Dear Shippers and Consignees! We’d like to inform you that changes in the Rules for Applying Rates/Tarriffs came into effect on 20 July 2015. Changes have been published in TARIIFS Section of this site.

Another Consignment of Cows Arrive in Primorsky Region from Germany 08.07.2015 00:39

08 July 2015 charter flight from Amsterdam brought 165 cows to Vladivostok International Airport. 

Rates for Freight Lowered 23.06.2015 02:53

Starting 11 June 2015 rates for freight forwarding were reduced.

Shipment Tracking Information 17.06.2015 02:44

From 17 June 17 2015 you can receive up-to-the-minute information about the movement (arrival, warehousing, shipping, etc.) of your shipment by entering the number of bill of lading on our website. 

Delivery of Shipments to Ussuriysk 17.05.2015 23:57

From 18 May 2015 Cargo-Vladivostok delivers shipments to Ussuriysk. Delivery is carried out on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Changes in Rates for Terminal Handling! 30.03.2015 23:01

Dear Shippers and Consignees!

We’d like to inform you that from 10 April 2015 tariffs for terminal handling of shipments will be changed:

1. Conventional Cargo – RUB 8.85 per kg

2. Heavy Cargo – RUB 9.50 per kg

3. Oversized Cargo – RUB 9.50 per kg

4. Medical Supplies – RUB 10.00 per kg

Other tariffs remain unchanged.

Cargo Delivery!!! 16.03.2015 02:48

From 16 March 2015 Cargo-Vladivostok, LLC started to provide services for cargo delivery from shipper to consignee within Vladivostok and Artemovskiy Urban Districts. All necessary information is available by phone: +7 (423) 222-63-22

Services of Express Delivery of Shipments 14.01.2015 00:43

From 14 January 2015 Cargo-Vladivostok in cooperation with partner company DHL Express started rendering services of express delivery of goods in Russia and abroad.

Office of accepting shipments is located in the building of Cargo-Vladivostok on the second floor, in room "Administration TSW" (Администрации СВХ). Phone: + 7-423-222-63-22 ext. 1029.




165 Pedigree Cows from Germany Arrived on Boeing 747-800 to Primorsky Krai 21.10.2014 22:11

On 21 October 2014 new Cargo Terminal of Cargo-Vladivostok served the first flight of a series of charter cargo flights transporting cattle to agricultural areas of Primorsky Krai. 

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