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24.08.2015 06:38

Limited Liability Company Cargo-Vladivostok (abbreviated name: Cargo-Vladivostok, LLC, Primary State Registration Number: 1102502001788, Taxpayer Identification Number: 2502041597), a legal entity organized and existing under the laws of Russian Federation, informs you of the following:

due to name change of Portovaya Street in Artyom of Primorsky Region for Vladimir Saibel Street (based upon Decree of Administration of Artyomovsky City District #2126-pa dated 05 August 2015 "On Renaming of Portovaya Street in Artyom for Vladimir Saibel Street"), the street address of Company should be: 47 Vladimir Saibel Street, Artyom 692760, Primorsky Region.

Said changes had been registered in Unified State Register of Legal Entities, #2152502053031 dated 17 August 2015.

The rest of the details of Cargo-Vladivostok remain unchanged.

In future please use this information.


2016-04-07 16:10:08 олеся #
Добрый вечер! Не могу отправить посылку,помогите пожалуйста!!!!!

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