Cargo Terminal of Cargo-Vladivostok, Ltd. provides the following services for ground and terminal handling of cargo and mail on domestic and international routes:

1) Ground handling of conventional and special cargo, mail and unaccompanied baggage;

2) Maintenance and storage of all types of cargo, including live animals, plants, and valuable, diplomatic, hazardous and perishable cargo, and Cargo 200;

3) Service of transferring cargo coming through Vladivostok International Airport, including customs services;

4) Accelerated processing of express cargo;

5) Express delivery of goods on board aircrafts;

6) Packaging, edging, marking and sealing of cargo;

7) Loading and unloading operations, including the use of mechanical devices;

8) Information service;

9) Preparation of documents accompanying cargo;

10) Temporary Storage Warehouse services;


Additional services, provided to clients of Cargo Terminal of Cargo-Vladivostok, Ltd., include: 

1) Cargo delivery to consignees/shippers, "freight taxi", services of loaders.

Cargo-Vladivostok, Ltd. delivers shipments to/from shippers/consignees, provides services of "freight taxi" and stevesores within Artemovsk, Vladivostok and Ussuriysk urban districts.

Phone for further information: + 7 (423) 222 6322.

2) Services of express delivery of shipments.

Cargo-Vladivostok, Ltd. In cooperation with its partner company DHL Express provides services for express delivery of shipments in Russia and abroad.

Office of accepting shipments located in the administration building of LLC "Cargo-Vladivostok" on the second floor, Suite "TSW Administration". Phone: + 7-423-222-63-22, extension: 1029.